Who we are / Who our customers are

WeNeSe has a full-time professional staff along with part-time interns and trainees who share both an international and also a local Berlin background.

Our company employs native speakers in German, Polish, Dutch, French, Czech, Swedish, Romanian, Chinese, Russian and English with offices in both Berlin and Hamburg and partner consultants in Vancouver Canada and other European cities.

WeNeSe took form in 2006 after the IT department of an independent Berlin Apartment Hotel decided to oppose directly challenge the obscurantism surrounding SEO and site promotion at this time. We decided to promote the company’s website in English and German initially and slowly starting adding many other languages to reflect the customer base of the Apartment Hotel.

This greatly facilitate the direct booking process for the customers of this relatively small enterprise and helped bring the customer directly to the Apartment Hotel’s website and away from all the third-party booking companies, who charge high fees for basically just parking their huge sites all over the web.

We have since then gained valuable experience in local and international marketing and obtained many customers from the tourism industry. Our key strength is in individual projects and local Search Engine Optimization for both B2B – commerce transactions between businesses – and B2C, or Business-to-Consumer.

WeNeSe has active partner/consultants in the following cities:
- Berlin – Germany
- Brno – Czech Republic
- Bucharest – Romania
- Den Haag – Netherlands
- Dublin – Ireland
- Goteborg – Sweden
- Hamburg – Germany
- Szczecin – Poland
- Vancouver – Canada
- Warsaw – Poland

Who our customers are

European or North American small-to-medium sized companies seeking to build and/or optimise their web presence in Europe and worldwide.